[NOBE-L] Adobe Digital Editions

David Andrews dandrews920 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 31 02:04:16 UTC 2021

Adobe Digital Editions isn't very accessible, and 
I have been told it is buggy and unstable.


At 10:00 PM 3/29/2021, you wrote:
>Hi Humberto, Thank you so much for your reply. 
>The file is specially encoded (I believe DRM 
>encoded) so that it can only be accessed with 
>Adobe Digital Editions. I will ask for a 
>downloadable PDF from the company and explain 
>the situation further, but first I wanted to see 
>if anyone on here has had experience with the 
>application. There are two other blind students 
>in my class, and I have also messaged them to 
>ask them if they were able to access the 
>manuals, so I will see what they have to say as 
>well. Thank you, Vejas > On Mar 29, 2021, at 
>18:34, Humberto Avila via NOBE-L 
><nobe-l at nfbnet.org> wrote: > > Hello, > > 
>Thanks for reaching out to us! > I have not 
>worked with the Adobe Digital Editions or the 
>suite itself. I know that some secure PDFS are 
>fully accessible with JAWS or other screenreader 
>in my experience filling out forms and reading 
>many documents as a student myself. However, 
>image PDF files are very much a problem for 
>blind users. > I'm wondering if there is a way 
>to actually download the PDF directly from the 
>manuals web site, or the assessments provider / 
>company? That might be the best option, in my 
>opinion, to recommend. That way, if you use JAWS 
>as your screen reader, you can do OCR on the 
>image PDF, and even depending on your version, 
>it'll allow you to convert any image of text 
>into Word without doing any sort of fancy 
>copying and pasting. > At least, that is what I 
>have done so far in these types of situations. > 
>Hope it helps. I know it is a pain navigating 
>through unfamiliar and ainaccessible sites.  I 
>hope that you can at least get access to a 
>direct downloadable file, as opposed to a page 
>filled with so many treeviews, structure 
>headings, landmarks, a statement about 
>accessibility from the company, and not a single 
>page of readable PDF content. :(  > >> On Mar 
>29, 2021, at 3:44 PM, Vejas Vasiliauskas via 
>NOBE-L <nobe-l at nfbnet.org> wrote: >> >> 
>Hi, >> I hope everyone is doing well. >> I am 
>taking a counseling assessment class. In the 
>next few weeks we will be administering some 
>assessments on ourselves from ParIccnect, using 
>the assessment manuals as guides. >> The 
>assessment manuals are protected image PDFS. I 
>was told they should be accessible through the 
>Adobe Digital Editions platform. I downloaded 
>the app and have played around with it, and it 
>does not appear to be accessible: the words are 
>not showing and there is a very limited amount 
>of options for book navigation. >> Has anyone 
>succesfully used Adobe Digital Editions to read 
>an image PDF? Since I have heard that it is 
>accessible with screen-readers, I wonder if 
>there is just something I haven't found yet! >> Thank you, >> Vejas   >>

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