[NOBE-L] Digital Storytelling Tools for Screen Reader

meliora12 at yahoo.com meliora12 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 15:51:52 UTC 2021

Hello all,


My name is Meliora Hatcher and I am currently studying education at the
University of Florida. I am taking an intro course to educational
technology. One of my assignments requires me to create an animated
storytelling or how to video with the software, Powtoons. From what I was
reading online, this software is not screen reader accessible. I was
wondering if anyone has had experience with this software and could give me
any advice. Furthermore, I have a 2nd assignment that requires me to create
a digital story with any software of my choosing. This could include
software like Animoto, Storybird, Storyjumper, Vyong, Windows Video Editor,
etc. Would anyone know of a software that I can use with either JAWS or


Thank you!

-Meliora Hatcher

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