[Ohio-talk] New Group for Tandem Bicycling for and by Blind Cyclists

Everett Gavel e.gavel at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 2 10:00:18 UTC 2009

Hello Fellow Tandem Cycling Enthusiasts!

I've created an e-mail discussion group specifically for all aspects of
bicycling for cyclists who are blind as well as others interested in tandem
cycling for and by the blind.  This includes anyone interested in possibly
being a pilot/captain for a blind stoker.  From recreational level
enthusiasts to Paralympic-level cycling athletes.

The group is, "The Blind Cycling Group" (blind_cycling at yahoogroups.com)

Please come and join the list.  Start a discussion, and ask questions (or
answer them).

Details to join are below.

Strive On--and Ride On!

----- Original Message ----- 
Subject: Yahoo! Groups: Congratulations! You created blind_cycling.

Your blind_cycling group at Yahoo! Groups is good to go.

Here are the details on blind_cycling:

Group Home Page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blind_cycling
Address to Subscribe via e-mail: blind_cycling-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
   (Just send a blank message to that address directly above. You'll get a
response almost immediately, which you'll then simply need to reply to, and
you're then subscribed.  Then you can start sending posts to the following
address below.)
Group Posting E-mail Address: blind_cycling at yahoogroups.com

Ready to start?
Get the ball rolling by posting a group message. Then add photos,
create an event, or whatever. In short, make yourself at home in your new

Simply drop by the blind_cycling homepage now.  Or join via e-mail
immediately by sending a blank message to that address above.  To keep the
online conversation
moving, be sure to invite friends, family, and others who share your

Everett Gavel, and, Yahoo! Groups  ;-)

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