[Ohio-talk] The Attendance of General Sessions?

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Amen and well said Colleen.


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> Hi Everett,
> You do raise a valid point and it disserves an answer.
> Well it may not alpear that a session will benefit you personally you may 
> learn something that will benefit someone else.  Also, sometimes 
> interspersed with things on the Agenda something might pop up that was 
> shifted from another time.  It's not a matter of having the Delegation 
> filled, it's a matter of learning to share with others.  Personally, I do 
> not do well with Technology but I attend because I might learn something 
> which I can share.  I may not understand everything I hear but I get 
> enough to know who to ask I someone needs my help along the way.
> It's nice to hear the different states at Roll Call of the States.  It 
> gives us a flavor of the different affiliates and sometimes we even get an 
> idea we can use.  I know I probably came off as a grouch on my last post 
> but I can honestly say in all my years in the NFB I only missed one 
> session and that was because I needed to lie down because I wasn't feeling 
> well.
> I know some things seem pointless but you never know what you will learn.
> Also, if you are being sponsored by the NFBO or your local chapter you are 
> expected to attend all beessions and as many activities as you can.  You 
> are representing those people who cannot attend, and, hopefully, you will 
> learn something to share.
> We do not always enjoy every presentation but that is not the poins.
> I think that the Presentation of the Bollotin awards was impressive.  This 
> is not because I like to sit through Presentations of Awards but because 
> it is good to know what others are doing.
> Ray Kurzweil is a pioneer in reading machines and working with Optical 
> Character Recognition.  The first reading machine was huge probably about 
> $80,000 and the size of a washing machine.
> Everett, do not misunderstand me, I did do some fun things at Conventions. 
> I still worked booths, and attended all sessions.  By the way, this 
> included Conventions where I had a multiply-handicapped child to care for.
> I am not being critical, I just want people to take responsibility for 
> attending things and learning.
> Everett, you have a lot of energy.  I would like to see you channel that 
> into getting people to meetings and getting them to work on things.  If 
> you put all that energy to good use at a Convention think what you could 
> do.
> I hope that all of us will make a concerted effort to be better stewards 
> of our time and the Affiliate's money at future Conventions.
> It's not fair that just a few people help at tables and at the Exhibit 
> Hall.  It is true that I didn't help this year but I did not arrive until 
> Tuesday at 11-30 a.m.
> See you at the NFBO Convention.
> Colleen Roth
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