[Ohio-talk] The Attendance of General Sessions?

Everett Gavel e.gavel at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 19 03:26:04 UTC 2009

Thanks, Barb - as well as to all who helped give clarity as to why
convention-goers are asked and/or expected to go to the general sessions.

Strive On,

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> I'll take a stab at explaining why we require people who ask for
> to attend general sessions.  We don't mean it to be "Hitleresque".  We'd
> love to fund everyone who wants to come and experience a convention, just
> find out what the Federation is all about.  However, we also need to spend
> our money wisely and make our dollars stretch.  It makes good sense to
> of our convention assistance as an investment--we are investing in people
> who will give us something back (time and energy) in return for the
> we've given them.

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