[Ohio-talk] question about a membership contest?

Everett Gavel e.gavel at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 23 03:19:50 UTC 2009

Prizes for the chapter leader who gets the most chapter members to the state
convention?  How about:

*  Send the winner to a national Leadership seminar in Baltimore?
*  Let the winner get to smoosh a whip cream pie sort of thing into
Richard's oh-so-beautiful I'm sure, mug--at convention.
*  The winner could get one of the audio sets of Walking Alone & Marching
Together, with the original speeches on them?
*  Maybe JW could give a sort of benefit concert or whatever, at some event
the winning chapter holds in the coming year--such as a picnic or
*  How about giving the chapter president a KNFB Reader, since they'd be the
best that year at "going mobile" and getting the most members to convention?

It all takes cash for these prizes, the least out-of-pocket for the
affiliate probably being "A Pie In Richard's Face."  So I'll go with that
one.  Hey, I'll even buy the pie.

Ooh!  And here's to a tie, so we'll need two pies for Richard!  Yeah Buddy!

Strive On!

----- Original Message ----- 
> I have been thinking about membership. Cleveland's membership chair person
> and I had a small bet that what ever chair person got the most people to
> national convention the other would buy dinner. I must say Greek town took
> lot but it hurt to take her to dinner. I spoke to Jw. And we are trying to
> figure out a contest where that chapters that bring more members to the
> state convention could engage in. Do any of you have any ideals? Eric the
> other Eric from Toledo do not perk your ears up but your ideals are
> Thanks Richard

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