[Ohio-talk] Possible Fundraiser for Your Chapter?

Everett Gavel e.gavel at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 24 20:41:36 UTC 2009

Hello Fundraisers and Federationists!

Has your chapter held any fundraisers like the one below?  A particular
prize with a set value, with a set amount of tickets to be sold?  Below, the
prize is appraised at $16k, and tickets are $100 each, with only 300 being

That'll raise almost twice what the ring is worth if they sell all 300
tickets.  And they should, fairly easily.  If I had $100 to hand over, I'd
sure buy a ticket for a prize worth $16,000 - especially with odds like

And so that organization will earn $30,000 with this fundraiser, from a
prize that was probably donated.

So has your chapter done anything like this?  If not, consider it.  Even
those supporters and members who don't have cash to give, may have things to
donate which could be raffled off in such a way.  At your next meeting, ask
your people to take the next month and consider what they have, which they
might be willing to donate for such a fundraiser.

Here's the actual notice, to give you a better idea of this fundraiser:

"Cleveland Sight Center is raffling off an exquisite 2.23
carat emerald ring with 22 diamond baguettes. Only
300 raffle tickets will be sold at $100 each for this ring,
appraised at $16,000. You can support Cleveland
Sight Center by purchasing a raffle ticket or helping us
sell tickets. Contact Faye Jones for tickets and
information at 216-791-8118, ext. 4563.
Contact Faye Jones via email (mailto:fjones at clevelandsightcenter.org)."

So what might your chapter's members and supporters have hiding or
collecting dust in their home, which could be used to fuel the future - and
help change what it means to be blind?

Strive On!

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