[Ohio-talk] Fund Raiser

Colleen Roth n8tnv at att.net
Sat Jul 25 02:10:10 UTC 2009

Hi All,
Our Church has a fund raiser which has limited ticket sales. tickets are $10 and prizes are $100 and $25 drawn monthly. You have 12 chances to win. Before this year, tickets were $20 with prizes being $100 and $50. There are 300 tickets sold.
We might consider something like this with tickets being $10 with $300 being sold. Prizes could be $100 first lprize and $25 second prize.
I am not sure that tickets selling for $100 for a ring would be something most people would be interested in.
We could have tickets for $20 and see if we could get a piece of Adaptive equipment like a Victor Stream or even a Notebook to get a wider audience to purchase tickets.
Colleen Roth

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