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JW and all,
Just to squelch any alarms before they sound, Colleen did not mean that she 
went to Mary Ellen's funeral, but rather to Mary Ellen's FATHER's funeral, 
who died after a long illness this past week.
Just thought I'd jump in here before anyone who knows Mary Ellen feared we 
had lost her!
And Toledo chapter sounds terrific, Colleen!

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I won't make a habit of posting every chapter meeting but in light of our
new group in Toledo and as a result of what I perceive as great enthusiasm
and excitement down their, read on.

I do like to publish great and exciting news so keep it coming ok?


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> Hi J. W.
> We had 16 people at our meeting.
> They were: Eric Burghardt, Dale Burghardt, (part of the time) Colleen
> Roth, Marilee Medlen, Mildred Hogan, Erma Wright, Alonzo Coleman, Rose
> Coleman, Michael Monica, Melinda Ridenour, (from Akron) Dawn Lanting,
> James Lanting, Angie Hiser, Amy Rye, Ann Pacelli, Cindy Shunk.
> Cindy Shun, Dawn Lanting and Angie Hiser joined the Chapter.
> We are going to try to have a table at an outreach Activity in June. We
> plan to have a table at the Wood County Fair in August and sell candy and
> have a drawing of something to be donated.
> It was sugested that we have a Walk-a-thon, a dance, and a Spaghetti
> Dinner with Music.
> We will see what develops. I made a motion which was seconded and carried
> that we have two fund raisers to get money in the Treasury. After our
> second fund raiser in all subsequent fund raisers one third of profits
> would stay in Chapter, one third would go to Staqe Affiliate and one third
> would go to National.
> It was also suggested that we all commit to any project we undertake.
> Our August meeting will be a picnic with a meeting as part of it.
> We voted on this.
> October Meet the Blind Month was touched upon.
> We also talked about the project to assist with collecting Info on Motor
> City March.
> All in all, I thought it was a great meeting.
> There is a lot of enthusiasm.
> Our nex meeting will be June 20, 2009.
> I also wanted to mention that I went to Mary Ellen Reihing Gabias's
> Funeral Mass today.
> Hannah Furney was there and went with her parents who are friends with
> Mary Ellen's brother to the luncheon afterward.
> I am going to take my catnap now.
> Colleen Roth

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