[Ohio-talk] Stay Warm and Safe

COLLEEN Roth n8tnv at att.net
Thu Feb 11 05:20:33 UTC 2010

Hi All,
I hope you are all warm and safe. Hopefully, we all have heat and Electricity. 
At least we're not in DC or New England.
I have been calling people who live alone to make sure they are OK. I hope others are doing this too. This weather is also depressing for some people. 
It's a great time to read and make warm, hearty meals like chili and soup.
I made some chili which tasted so good.
For those of you who know Hannah she is now in Minnesota and is hoping to get into Blind, Inc.
Keep her in your prayers.
Please pray for Kym Chasteen, one of our members in Toledo. She is Dawn Lanting's sister. She underwent serious surgery on Monday at the Cleveland Clinic.
God Bless!

Colleen Roth

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