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I had no trouble writing in the attachment. I have just returned my
completed one.


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Subject: Convention Survey

 Attached and in the body of this message you will find a survey 
that we are asking everyone to complete.  You may recall that at 
the January board meeting president Smith appointed an Ad Hoc 
Committee to look at all aspects of the state convention.  We 
want your input.  Please complete the survey as soon as possible 
and return it to me.  Help your friends and fellow Federationists 
complete  it if they need assistance.  Please complete the survey 
by Email if possible, but if you need to print it feel free to do 
so and mail it.  My address is 48 W.  Longview Ave.  Columbus 
Ohio, 43202.

We are asking chapter presidents to spend some time on this 
during chapter meetings if necessary.  It will not be helpful to 
have a group survey completed.  We want to hear from as many 
individuals as possible.

There are no right or wrong answers.  All we want are your honest 
answers.  If you have questions please Email or call me at (614) 



 1.  Have you ever attended a state convention? If no, why not?
A.  Scheduling conflict
B.  Transportation
C.  Expense
D.  Other? Please explain.
  2.  list three things that in your opinion should be part of 
the state convention agenda

3.  List the highlights of the convention for you.

4.  Do you plan to attend the next state convention? yes no
Why or why not?

5.  What would you like to see more of?
a.  Small group discussions
B.  Panel presentations
C.  Audience participation
D.  Other
E.  I am happy with the current structure.
  6.  What do you believe we can do to increase convention 
attendance and participation by current members, prospective new 
members, and the public as a whole?

7.  What kind of activity (ies) should we have after the banquet?

8.  What would you change about the convention, and why?

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