[Ohio-talk] Pacmate Help

COLLEEN ROTH n8tnv at att.net
Fri Apr 5 23:29:21 UTC 2013

Hello Everyone,
Does anyone have a PacMate who may be able to talk me through setting up Wireless Lan? I think I may be missing something.
I purchased a used PacMate Omni and a 20-35ll Braille Display because I want to do some Spreadsheets.
This way I can do the Spreadsheets I do every month without Dudley's help.
I also like the fact that I can format some things although the Braille Sense in Version 8.0 will do some of this now.
Thanks in Advance,
I am having trouble reading the Manual and trying to do things on the unit.
If someone could do this on the phone that would help.
If you email me I can call you since I have free long-distance.
It may take a bit because I am not very Technical.
I'm sur Eric Duffy could tell you that. He also could tell you that I get things when people take time to explain them.
Have a great evening,

Colleen Roth

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