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I am forwarding this information so anyone who flies is aware of it.
I did not know about it until I read this email.  I can think of 2
times I could have used these resources.

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My time at the very first Airline Transportation Access Conference was a
great experience. Yesterday was eye opening to say the least. I cannot let
any time go by without advising all people of all abilities about a critical
option to all of us as air travelers. Remember these letters CRO! US Airways
did not offer one to me, nor did I even know that air travelers had options
and supports to remediate issues such as the ones I and the other 35
passengers were subjected to on November 13th by US Airways. CRO stands for
Conflict Resolutions Officer. The CRRO is charged with amongst other things,
being able to resolve and remediate issues, that either the traveler or the
flight crew is confused about. This is a critical support put in place by
the Department of Transportation. All disabled travelers must, must ask for
a CRO if and when your access is being denied, compromised or screwed with.
Additionally, the TSA has what is called a PSS, Passenger Support
Specialist. The PSS is the go to person to mediate instances where the TSA
is inappropriately conducting and invasive or intrusive search like people
with insulin pumps go through, or any other individual traveling with
medications or various medical apparatus. Not all TSA are properly trained
or aware of the tools and assistive items the disabled use daily to survive
and thrive, but the PSS should.

This conference was very, very eye opening.

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