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Good job Eric   I enjoy reading your news  thank you

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 Hi Eric,
Please check the dates for the 2014 Convention.
I think you might want to send something changing the dates.

Colleen Roth

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> National Federation of the Blind of Ohio Buckeye Update, December 13, 
> 2013 It is Friday the 13th. For those of you who are superstitious 
> this is not a good day. For those who don't believe in such things it 
> is just another day, unless the thirteenth has significance in your 
> life for another reason. I thought of this because I just passed a car 
> accident while getting on the highway to travel back home from 
> Brookville.
> The Board of Directors of the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio 
> met Tuesday evening. We had a good but short meeting.  I appointed the 
> committees that will do much of the work of the organization in 2014. 
> The committee appointments will be sent out with the minutes of the 
> meeting next week. Shelbi was very quick in finishing the minutes, and 
> we are now giving the board the chance to look at them before sending them
> I can tell you that it was decided that the 2014 and 2015 conventions 
> will be in the Columbus area. Specifically we will be at the Holiday 
> Inn at 7007 North High Street in Worthington. The date for the 2014 
> convention is October 31 through November 2. Room rates are $76 plus tax.
> I have been highly involved with planning conventions for this 
> organization for about 26 years. I first started traveling to look at 
> hotels with Barbara Pierce and Pat Eschbach. Once I demonstrated my 
> ability to select appropriate hotels for the organization and to 
> successfully negotiate with the hotels, Barbara turned the 
> responsibility for finding suitable convention sites over to me. Yes 
> Mary Pool chaired the convention committee for many years, and she 
> assisted me in this process. But the responsibility was mine, and I 
> didn't take it lightly. If all went well with the hotel, people were 
> happy, and Mary and I received a lot of praise. If things didn't go 
> well with the hotel, then our selection of hotels was questioned. That
really never happened.
> Yes, we had a time or two when we said let's not go back to that 
> hotel, but by and large the membership has been pleased with the 
> hotels we have had and the rates we have enjoyed.
> It seems to me that in the early part of this decade the board decided 
> that we should hold the convention in Columbus for several years and 
> we did that. We have been in the Dayton area for the last three
> I have come to understand that many who attend convention on a regular 
> basis prefer Columbus, because it is centrally located. We have 
> certainly discovered that we save money by holding our in person board 
> meetings in Columbus.
> It seems to me that when everything else is equal among hotels, people 
> want a hotel that is easy to get to and good room rates. Richard Payne 
> once said to me that perhaps people would be willing to pay a little 
> more for a hotel with some extra amenities. I believe that we must 
> have a nice hotel that is affordable. Only those who can afford to do 
> so will attend the convention. Now that we no longer have money to 
> offer convention assistance affordability is even more important than it
was for many years.
> We are in the Columbus area for the next two years, but we should 
> think about future conventions and whether or not we want to move 
> around the state each year as we once did.  Is moving around the state 
> important enough that we want to put time and resources in to finding 
> convention locations as we once did. This certainly food for thought.
> We have the money to make three scholarships available in 2014.
> Deborah Kendrick chairs the scholarship committee and will get 
> applications out soon.
> The folks at Malley's Chocolate have extended our ordering opportunity 
> through the end of the business day on Monday. We have passed our 
> sales goal of $1,000, but the Cleveland chapter is putting together a 
> nice order that won't be finalized until Monday. So if you want 
> Malley's chocolate the clock is ticking, but you still have time.
> The winter edition of the Buckeye Bulletin is out. It is another good 
> issue. I want to thank Barbara for her work and also thank everyone 
> who contributed to the issue. I read many affiliate newsletters, and I 
> am proud to say that ours is second to none.
> This is a reminder that our friends at Vanda Pharmaceuticals are 
> running a campaign to raise awareness of Non-24 Hour Disorder and 
> raise funds for the National Federation of the Blind at the same time. 
> Non-24-Hour Disorder (Non-24) is a serious circadian rhythm disorder 
> that causes significant nighttime sleep problems and a wide range of 
> daytime difficulties, including an overwhelming urge to sleep during the
> According to Vanda, Non-24 affects nearly 70 percent of people who are 
> totally blind. Sign up to learn more about Non-24-Hour Disorder by 
> calling 1-855-856-2424, and a portion of $24, divided among several 
> other blindness organizations, will be donated to the NFB! And even 
> better, every time you share the program with someone you know and he 
> or she signs up, Vanda will make another $24 donation. Sign up and 
> spread the word! I have done this. It is an easy way to get a few 
> dollars in to the treasury of our national organization.
> Next week Richard and I will to be traveling to Cleveland to meet with 
> the Director of the Cleveland Sight Center and to attend the chapter 
> Christmas party. I am looking forward to both things.
> I will write again next week. Here is my last reminder about Malley's.
> The National Federation of the Blind of Ohio is conducting a 
> fundraising activity with Malley's Chocolates of Cleveland, Ohio.
> A website has been setup specifically for the National Federation of 
> the Blind of Ohio fundraising campaign. All purchases made on that 
> site will directly benefit the National Federation of the Blind of 
> Ohio. To connect to this site, please visit 
> http://www.malleys.com/national-federation-of-the-blind-of-ohio
> Thank you very much,
> Eric Duffy, President National Federation of the Blind of Ohio
> http://www.malleys.com/national-federation-of-the-blind-of-ohio   
> Our mailing address is: 
> 13400 Brookpark Road
> Cleveland, Ohio 44135
> Contact us by phone: 1-800-275-6255
> Fax: 1-800-211-0567
> All website content C Copyright 2013 Malley's Chocolate. All rights
> reserved.     
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