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Cheryl Fields cherylelaine1957 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 02:28:57 UTC 2013

Hi colleen,

I respect your sentiments about the convention. Just 1 little item,
the word spoiled!
for the last 2 years the Cleveland Chapter has been able to work
towards providing transportation and room accomadations for first time
convention goers, outside of the present financial framework of the
nfb, this is actually a long held tradition of the Cleveland chapter.
Most recently, The Cleveland sight Center has contributed greatly
towards this effort and so have our own chapter members, and I might
add at a great sacrifice. We did this so that people would have the
experience. I realize there are some that look for handouts at every
turn, but these are not the folks I am speaking of.  For the continued
growth of the organization we must consider financial stability,and
some ways to provide introductions to newer members at the state level
of nfb, and this requires funding. Very few groups and organizations
do not provide some assistance to members for cobentions. There are
several reasons behind this, first economics, all members are not on
the same economic playing field and need the assistance, secondly,
incentive, some members will blossom and become more involved after
attending a larger assembly, last but not least, the greater the
attendance the greater the exposure of the nfb to the community the
event is held in creating opportunities for education and an open
invitation to others that never herd of nfb. It is my opinion that we
must start somewhere to make our convention appealing to everyone.
 Toledo would be a great location for a convention and Cleveland is a
great location, too. The difference is that I am asking for future
consideration and volunteering to be part of the process. keeping with
inclusion and dibversity having people from other locations around the
state would add balance to the convention, where ever it is held. It
is entirely possible to be involved in planning from a remote
location, actually you can plan any event remotely quite nicely.
In the end, I am sure Eric, Richard, and the board will weigh all of
the factors and make intelligent decisions as we move forward.

Stay Warm!


On 12/13/13, COLLEEN ROTH <n8tnv at att.net> wrote:
>  Hi Eric,
> Please check the dates for the 2014 Convention.
> I think you might want to send something changing the dates.
> Thanks,
> Colleen Roth
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> Date: Friday, December 13, 2013 3:55 pm
> Subject: [Ohio-talk] Buckeye Update
>> National Federation of the Blind of Ohio
>> Buckeye Update, December 13, 2013
>> It is Friday the 13th. For those of you who are superstitious this
>> is not a good day. For those who don't believe in such things it is just
>> another day, unless the thirteenth has significance in your life for
>> another
>> reason. I thought of this because I just passed a car accident while
>> getting
>> on the highway to travel back home from Brookville.
>> The Board of Directors of the National Federation of the Blind of
>> Ohio met Tuesday evening. We had a good but short meeting.  I appointed
>> the
>> committees that will do much of the work of the organization in 2014. The
>> committee appointments will be sent out with the minutes of the meeting
>> next
>> week. Shelbi was very quick in finishing the minutes, and we are now
>> giving
>> the board the chance to look at them before sending them out.
>> I can tell you that it was decided that the 2014 and 2015
>> conventions will be in the Columbus area. Specifically we will be at the
>> Holiday Inn at 7007 North High Street in Worthington. The date for the
>> 2014
>> convention is October 31 through November 2. Room rates are $76 plus tax.
>> I have been highly involved with planning conventions for this
>> organization for about 26 years. I first started traveling to look at
>> hotels
>> with Barbara Pierce and Pat Eschbach. Once I demonstrated my ability to
>> select appropriate hotels for the organization and to successfully
>> negotiate
>> with the hotels, Barbara turned the responsibility for finding suitable
>> convention sites over to me. Yes Mary Pool chaired the convention
>> committee
>> for many years, and she assisted me in this process. But the
>> responsibility
>> was mine, and I didn't take it lightly. If all went well with the hotel,
>> people were happy, and Mary and I received a lot of praise. If things
>> didn't
>> go well with the hotel, then our selection of hotels was questioned. That
>> really never happened.
>> Yes, we had a time or two when we said let's not go back to that
>> hotel, but by and large the membership has been pleased with the hotels
>> we
>> have had and the rates we have enjoyed.
>> It seems to me that in the early part of this decade the board
>> decided that we should hold the convention in Columbus for several years
>> and
>> we did that. We have been in the Dayton area for the last three
>> conventions.
>> I have come to understand that many who attend convention on a
>> regular basis prefer Columbus, because it is centrally located. We have
>> certainly discovered that we save money by holding our in person board
>> meetings in Columbus.
>> It seems to me that when everything else is equal among hotels,
>> people want a hotel that is easy to get to and good room rates. Richard
>> Payne once said to me that perhaps people would be willing to pay a
>> little
>> more for a hotel with some extra amenities. I believe that we must have a
>> nice hotel that is affordable. Only those who can afford to do so will
>> attend the convention. Now that we no longer have money to offer
>> convention
>> assistance affordability is even more important than it was for many
>> years.
>> We are in the Columbus area for the next two years, but we should
>> think about future conventions and whether or not we want to move around
>> the
>> state each year as we once did.  Is moving around the state important
>> enough
>> that we want to put time and resources in to finding convention locations
>> as
>> we once did. This certainly food for thought.
>> We have the money to make three scholarships available in 2014.
>> Deborah Kendrick chairs the scholarship committee and will get
>> applications
>> out soon.
>> The folks at Malley's Chocolate have extended our ordering
>> opportunity through the end of the business day on Monday. We have passed
>> our sales goal of $1,000, but the Cleveland chapter is putting together a
>> nice order that won't be finalized until Monday. So if you want Malley's
>> chocolate the clock is ticking, but you still have time.
>> The winter edition of the Buckeye Bulletin is out. It is another
>> good issue. I want to thank Barbara for her work and also thank everyone
>> who
>> contributed to the issue. I read many affiliate newsletters, and I am
>> proud
>> to say that ours is second to none.
>> This is a reminder that our friends at Vanda Pharmaceuticals are
>> running a campaign to raise awareness of Non-24 Hour Disorder and raise
>> funds for the National Federation of the Blind at the same time.
>> Non-24-Hour
>> Disorder (Non-24) is a serious circadian rhythm disorder that causes
>> significant nighttime sleep problems and a wide range of daytime
>> difficulties, including an overwhelming urge to sleep during the day.
>> According to Vanda, Non-24 affects nearly 70 percent of people who are
>> totally blind. Sign up to learn more about Non-24-Hour Disorder by
>> calling
>> 1-855-856-2424, and a portion of $24, divided among several other
>> blindness
>> organizations, will be donated to the NFB! And even better, every time
>> you
>> share the program with someone you know and he or she signs up, Vanda
>> will
>> make another $24 donation. Sign up and spread the word! I have done this.
>> It
>> is an easy way to get a few dollars in to the treasury of our national
>> organization.
>> Next week Richard and I will to be traveling to Cleveland to meet
>> with the Director of the Cleveland Sight Center and to attend the chapter
>> Christmas party. I am looking forward to both things.
>> I will write again next week. Here is my last reminder about
>> Malley's.
>> The National Federation of the Blind of Ohio is conducting a
>> fundraising activity with Malley's Chocolates of Cleveland, Ohio.
>> A website has been setup specifically for the National Federation of the
>> Blind of Ohio fundraising campaign. All purchases made on that site will
>> directly benefit the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio. To connect
>> to
>> this site, please visit
>> http://www.malleys.com/national-federation-of-the-blind-of-ohio
>> Thank you very much,
>> Eric Duffy, President National Federation of the Blind of Ohio
>> http://www.malleys.com/national-federation-of-the-blind-of-ohio
>> Our mailing address is:
>> 13400 Brookpark Road
>> Cleveland, Ohio 44135
>> Contact us by phone: 1-800-275-6255
>> Fax: 1-800-211-0567
>> All website content C Copyright 2013 Malley's Chocolate. All rights
>> reserved.
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