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mzavoli at roadrunner.com mzavoli at roadrunner.com
Sat Dec 14 22:12:20 UTC 2013

Hello Friends,

Thank you to everyone who have made the Malley's fundraising a resounding success.  I had the original idea, but it wouldn't have come to pass without your unrelenting perseverance.

We broke the $1,000 money barrier, and as a result, we get 33% of the funds which equals $330.  We will certainly get more than that because we have surpassed $1,000.

After the Christmas season, comes Easter and another Malley's fundraising campaign.  Will you be up for it?  I know I will.  I love those Malley's square mints, the chocolate-peanut butter Santa Royals and the Buckeyes.  The Easter campaign will have at least 60 items to choose from and will be different from those we ordered for Christmas; so, stay tuned!  Maybe we can reach $2,00 or more.  

Remember what Cheryl Fischer recommends:  Buy these chocolate goodies for yourselves, your friends, your relatives (close or distant), the mail carrier, the UPS or Federal Express driver, the teachers, your hair stylist, and so on.  Tell them about it, as well.  If you have a Facebook account, post it on there, too.  You get the idea.  The more we raise, the more we can do for the NFB, and the more we can get people to conventions.

With regard to convention hotels, yes, Columbus, OH is a central location, but I think the best hotel is the Sharidan Riverfront in Cuyahoga Falls.  That hotel offered great food, spacious suites and other amenities of which I can't recall.  Perhaps we can even consider coming back to the Marriott or other hotel in Cleveland.  After all, a new hotel is being built very close to the convention center and that sounds exciting!

Best Regards,

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