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When we decided to go to Dayton, it was viewed as leaving central Ohio,
which basically means Columbus. Some of us were uncomfortable with the
four-year contract that JW worked out in Dayton, but he assured us that we
would not be held to it if we wanted to change sooner. The hard facts are
that any time we have a convention away from Columbus, the people who have
to travel more than half the state are unhappy. When we choose Cleveland,
Cincinnati and Dayton members fuss just as much as we in the north of the
state have been grumbling. Eric has simply moved back to the place where
everyone has about two hours to travel to get to the convention, which means
they can come Friday morning and leave after adjournment on Sunday. We tried
to move back to Columbus last year, but a majority of the board voted to
stay south. With the poor waiter service and the plumbing problems this
year, we had an easier time persuading the board to go back to Columbus. At
the board meeting no one was advocating for the 
northern part of the state. The painful truth is that we lose attendees from
the opposite side of the state whenever we move far the opposite way from
Columbus. We are always weighing balances and trying to choose the
convention site that will get us the most attendees. In the Federation we do
not make these choices by committee. Everyone is welcome to advocate for
geographic locations for the convention, but it is the president or his
designee who looks at venues and negotiates rates. I can tell you from
first-hand experience that it is not a simple job. I can also tell you that,
if the rate is much above what we have been paying, we will lose attendees.
As for using the Mally funding for convention assistance, we are a long way
from having the elbow room to spend money on convention assistance. A quick
look at our financial reports will demonstrate that we do not have funds for
that. Our income is taken up with phone, readers, postage, unavoidable
travel, and necessary equipment. The hard truth is that we have not yet
adjusted to having no funding. But that is a problem that will take care of
itself as we get down to having no resources in the bank at all.


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After reading the information that was sent out by our president on Friday,
I was very alarmed and dismayed. I do not believe that much consideration
has been given to the rest of the state in regards to the convention. For
the last five or six years now the convention has been in one part of the
As for the rest of us in this part of the state and throughout, we again are
going to have to travel two more years to that central location in Ohio. In
my own opinion, I do not feel as though this is fair. More individuals would
like to attend the convention who are not members And often ask if the
convention will be in this part of Ohio. Once again, I have to tell them

I apologize for not being on the call this last week. However, I am not a
board member. But, I am a vocal part of this organization. And I speak for
those who generally cannot speak for themselves or do not have the funds to
attend the convention.

I do believe that the Board is generally fair and so far I tend to stand
behind most of your decisions. But, this time I really do believe that only
a small circle are making the decisions not giving much regard to the rest
of the organization. The Cleveland chapter, Cuyahoga chapter, Lake chapter,
Akron chapter, Toledo chapter and other chapters should be given the
opportunity to provide a proposal to host such an event.

this is my comment and I am not asking for a rebuttal, or attacking anyone.
I am just passionate about the fact that in my opinion, we are being divided
by demographics and economics.  Disarmed!!
Suzanne Turner, BSW, MPA
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