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I will respond to Richard's email since I presume that his final comment
about those who have had power not being willing to step aside refers to me.
Eric's Buckeye Update of the Friday before the board meeting extended an
invitation to everyone to join the call and gave the number and code again.
In fact, Colleen Roth, Kyle Conley, and Aleeha Dudley were nonmembers of the
board who called in and participated. 

It is a difficult problem to discern   when one is holding onto power and
when one is putting years of experience at the disposal of the president,
but I for one trust Eric to determine when my usefulness has passed.
Leadership in this organization is not a matter of elected office. It is
volunteering to do jobs and then actually doing them. I certainly hope that
people will call into meetings and express their views and volunteer to do
things and then do them. 

I see this morning that Ohio has gotten two vehicle donations. That is great
news, and, since Richard chairs that effort, I presume that he gets the
credit for getting the word out. I guess the fundamental hope is that we can
all work together.


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I will not get in too much detail here, but sometimes it must be noted that
we   need a process which includes and welcomes the membership to be
involved.  I am not the kind of writer that will try and use big words or
swift lines to make my point here.  Yes, it was brought up about having the
convention in another part of the state for a number of reasons.  We should
not have a board that is not listening to the membership.

I know those of us who were on the conference call will stick to our votes
and yes, the board did indeed vote.  I, the Vice President voted no for
several reasons.

First, I think that the board must find a way to reach out to the membership
in a way that we have not for a very long time.  I chose to accept the
position of vice president because I believe in the NFB.  While this is true
the only way to fill this position is to stay involved.  Also, the chance
that we would have had the convention in Columbus may have been the decision
that was made any way.  I requested information to help find other locations
for the convention, due to the problems we had in November.  I am a team
player and serve for all Federationists.

Secondly, I think that the call last week was in part designed to limit the
input on some of the things we spoke about.  When the information was put
out, it made it seem that only the board would need to be present and maybe
this is why several members did not participate.    I think some members of
our leadership make others feel left out and do not open   the doors until
money or work is needed.  To be fair here, everyone cannot be a leader and
all cannot lead.   I hope from this point we embrace others that certainly
have the ability to lift this affiliate to another level.  I guess when I
think of a movement I think about the boots on the ground paving the way for
inclusion.  Yes, several members have paved the way and others will go down
that road.  When I think back over the last year or so, it is that some who
have had a strong hold on this affiliate won't allow for a change.  I will
never stop working for the NFB!  But, it is getting much harder when so many
people a
 re being pushed aside. Richard
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