[Ohio-talk] Call for information about our student division

Kaiti Shelton kaiti.shelton at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 20:53:08 UTC 2013

Hi all, 


I am getting down to revise the OABS constitution so it is up-to-date with
the latest changes we have made.  I have been in contact with Shelbi, and
one of the things we've noticed is that it would be great if we could find
the date the constitution was first adopted.  This date is not currently
listed on the constitution, and the only revision dates listed are Feb 5
2004 and the most recent one made by the current group of members.  


If anyone knows when OABS formed in Ohio and when the constitution may have
been adopted please let me know.  




Kaiti Shelton

University of Dayton---2016

Music Therapy Major, Psychology Minor, Clarinet

Ohio Association of Blind Students, President 

Advocates for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP), Vice President

NFB Community Service Group, Service Project Committee Chair

Sigma Alpha Iota-Delta Sigma, Usher Coordinator


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