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Wed Dec 18 13:51:32 UTC 2013

 Hello Alleha and All,
I have been concerned for a long time about how we use this listserv. I in fact have put things on it that should not have been placed on it.
We need to deal with concerns by addressing the people involved privately. If this doesn't work we should then bring these matters to the Board.
I think Eric and Aleeha stated it very well.
This whole thing makes me very sad.
In the past there have been issues of concern but we have handled them with discretion and honesty.
We have not sniped at each publicly except in rare instances. We have behaved as ladies and gentlemen and still gotten our point across.
We are indeed a family. I than God everyday for the NFB but right now I just feel a rather deep sadness.
Some of us are not going anywhere and we are going to continue to work for the blind of this state and the nation.
When you wonder why something is done in a certain way why not ask the person or persons who make the decision.
I do not know of any State who had more the one BELL Program in xs' first year.
Could we please act like grownups and handle dissention and misunderstanding with honesty and integrity.
I may not always agree with someone but I have learned over the years that tact far outweighs the I didn't get to do what I wanted to do Mentality.
Let's start susporting each other and working together.
When I first joined the NFB do you think I really wanted to smpport the rights of Dog Guide Owners. I didn't but it was best for everyone. Demonstrating at a NAC Meeting was really over the top for me but being a member of the NFB meant that I supported these two efforts.
I wasn't thrilled about the NFB Driverless Car but I supported the reasoning behind this effort.
Some people get a lot done because they work with others and do not tear others down to get what they want.
We all need to work together and be considerate of other people.
I for one appreciate Eric's Leadership and experience. That doesn't mean that I agree with everything he docs. I can't think of anything right now that I have disagreed with however. If I have a concern I will share it privately.
Change is good as long as we don't change just to change.
Colleen Roth

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From: Aleeha Dudley <blindcowgirl1993 at gmail.com>
To: NFB of Ohio Announcement and Discussion List <ohio-talk at nfbnet.org>
Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 6:00 pm
Subject: Re: [Ohio-talk] fyi

> Hello Richard and All,
>      As someone who was on the board meeting last Tuesday evening, I
> feel I must weigh in on this conversation. I must respectfully
> disagree with you, Richard, on the points you make. I truly and firmly
> believe that the board of directors, chosen, I might add, by our state
> Federation membership, I might add, has the best interests of the
> affiliate at heart. As you know, the affiliate is in dire financial
> straits right now and cannot afford to keep having the convention in a
> location where it will take massive expenditures to get members of the
> board there. If we keep having to spend this much money on the board
> alone, how can we expect to get new people to the convention?
>      I also must say that, having heard exactly what happened at the
> board meeting, there was consideration given to your idea of exploring
> different locations for the hotel since we had such issues with the
> Wyndham Garden. We were all advised, however, that the money just
> wasn't there to fund such a committee, because, after all, this will
> still cost the state.
>      As for the statement that the board cares not for our membership,
> again, I must disagree. Eric openly invited members and discussion to
> this meeting. He has always been transparent with the affairs of this
> affiliate, and I would think that you would know that, working hand in
> hand with him.
>      As for this "team player" bit, I must wholeheartedly agree with
> Eric. A team player is just that: he works to support the team and
> does not flay the head of such team on an open forum such as this. A
> team player brings these concerns directly to the head of the team, as
> well as the rest of the board. A team player fully and wholeheartedly
> supports the Federation.
>      As for Cheryl's comments, Eric had his reasons, I am sure, for
> not holding a BELL program in Cleveland, on top of the one planned in
> Columbus. It was the first year of the program, so naturally we needed
> to start small. It was difficult to know how well the program was
> going to go, if it would go at all, so naturally, our efforts needed
> to be centrally located and focused on one common goal. There was also
> not enough money for Ohio to support a second program. Chinelle got,
> as I did, an email from Eric, expressing his sincere gratitude for her
> assistance with the BELL program.
> These are just my thoughts and I will continue to work my tail off for
> this Federation because I consider them a better family than my own
> right now. Issues will arise in every family, but they should be
> properly addressed, so as not to undermine the strong foundation of
> the family.
> Just my humble opinion,
> Aleeha Dudley
> On 12/17/13, Eric Duffy <eduffy at deltav.org> wrote:
> > Richard,
> >
> > Although these are not the kinds of emails I would like to see on a public
> > listserv, I am compelled to respond to this one since you have publically
> > thrown down the gauntlet.
> >
> > I agree with you that we need to include and involve our membership. I too
> > believe that the board should be responsive to the membership as much as
> > possible while performing the role it was elected to carry out. Those two
> > things are not one in the same. You say, "I think that the call last week
> > was in part designed to limit the input on some of the things we spoke
> > about.  When the information was put out, it made it seem that only the
> > board would need to be present and maybe this is why several members did
> > not
> > participate.    I think some members of our leadership make others feel
> > left
> > out and do not open   the doors until money or work is needed. his
> >
> > In the Buckeye Update dated December 6, 2013 I said, "I have called a
> > meeting of the board of directors of the National Federation of the Blind
> > of
> > Ohio for Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM. We had a December meeting last year at
> > which time I appointed the committees that will do much of the work of the
> > organization. I plan to appoint committees on Tuesday. We will also discuss
> > the 2014 convention and our next scholarship program. We will also set the
> > date for our January meeting. Other business might arise, but only if it
> > absolutely must be discussed before our January meeting.
> > You do not have to be a member of the board to participate in these
> > meetings. I encourage you to join us. Shortly before 8:00 PM.  On Tuesday
> > call (605) 475-4875. When prompted, use access code 201909 followed by the
> > pound sign."
> >
> > Kyle Conley, Paul Dressell, Aleeha Dudley, and Colleen Roth participated in
> > the call but are not on the board. Aleeha and Kyle are two of our younger
> > members, and I'm glad they were there.
> >
> > You say, "I am a team player and serve for all Federationists." When I
> > think
> > of a team player, I think of one who's head and heart are in the game at
> > all
> > times. I think of one who supports the team even when there is disagreement
> > among team members. This type of email going to a public list does not seem
> > to me to be what a "team player" would send. A team player would not have
> > led his chapter out of the banquet before the fundraising period,
> > particularly after having received an award from that organization. We have
> > had the Scrip program for two years now, and, though you have made noises
> > about joining it, you have still not done so. Is that being a team player?
> >
> > In the January 2013 board meeting you publically accused me of intimidating
> > the board. To this day I know of no one who supported your position. That
> > to
> > my mind does not represent a team player.
> >
> > At the Sunday morning session of this years convention you publically
> > accused me of reading amendments  to the constitution that had not been
> > brought to the board. You might say that you were just asking a question,
> > but your question was really an accusation. As vice president I would never
> > have asked Barbara or JW such a question on the convention floor. If I were
> > concerned that something was being slid past the membership, I would have
> > quietly come to the head table and raised the question with a
> > recommendation
> > that things be made absolutely clear.
> >
> > Those who are intelligent do not need to tell the rest of the world how
> > bright they are. It shows! Those who are wealthy don't need to tell the
> > world how rich they are. Again, it shows!  Yet I often hear you refer to
> > yourself as a "team player." The instances I have sighted above I fear
> > speak
> > louder than words. We are members of the administration, and we must find a
> > way of getting along and working for the same goals. Blind Ohioans deserve
> > no less. I suggest that we pursue this discussion off list in the hope that
> > we can agree to work together. We have a lot of years of doing so. Surely
> > we
> > can find some trust and common ground.
> >
> > Eric
> >
> >
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