[Ohio-talk] A Few of My Favorite Things

COLLEEN ROTH n8tnv at att.net
Fri Dec 20 01:35:14 UTC 2013

 I have had to share some of my Favorite Things with my Federation Family.
1. Just so you know it's me, Whiskers on Kittens.
2. Meeting all of my Federation Family at Conventions and making time to talk to so many people.
3. Talking to newly blinded men and women and their families. I also liked talking to Parents with blind children.
4. Attending Regional Meetings and Board Meetings when they were held in Private homes. This was a great opportunity to get to know many people on a personal level.
5. Helping crank an Ice Cream Freezer for homemade icecream.
6. Time at Vineyard with many young Federationists spent a weekend at Helen's cottages there.
6. Traveling around the State to talk to blind Students.
7. Serving whereereever and whenever I have been asked. This includes helping at the Presidential Suite in Chicago in 1974 and picketing NAC.
8. my Favorite things will continue and I hope God will bless me with the opportunity to erve in the NFB whereever and whenever I am asked. Sometimes these things are not our favorite things but they are things which need to be done.
Sometimes the best leaders are those who have no title but pitch in and do what need to be done. Sometimes we can suggest things and then just do the grunt work.
Remember Dr. Maurer and Dr. Jernigan helped with cleaning the National Center.
I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Let us Thank God for the Leaders we have had in the past and continue with the work which still needs to be done.
God Bless!
Someone suggested that I should go pet my Kitty because this would lower my Blood Pressure. This is one of my Favorite Things not involving the NFB but if you feel like sharing this particular activity go pet yp cat or dog.
Colleen Roth

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