[Ohio-talk] Comparing Blindness to Severe Disabilities

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Colleene  I really considered myself with a disability  but I guess I am
disabled because of my blindness  I just feel so blessed  that I am me  and
I can think and have a heart   there are many people worse off then I  I
don't ask God why me  I say  why not me  Merry Christmas  and Happy Birthday
Jesus  Happy New Year  everyone

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 Hello Everyone,
When you read this please do not think that I am diminishing the adjustment
to blindness that many people on this list have experienced. I hope that
what I am going to say will put things into perspective.
On the news Monday night Channel 13 had some coverage of some students from
the University of Toledo Engineering Department's Project inhelp someone
with a Disability.
Asparently they invented something to help a nun who has lost all of her
The person from the Ability Center who commented about this Invention said
it just proves that people with Disabilities can succeed in overcoming such
major challenges. The person who mace this comment is blind. While I know
that there are many adjustments for those who become blind I do not think
you can compare these adjustments to those experienced by someone who has
lost the use of her arms and legs.
This just reinforces the stereotype the public have about blindness. It says
to the general public that blind people are as disabled as someone who has
lost the use of all four limbs.
It would have been helpful if the Ability Center had used someone with
significant disabilities as the spokesman for this story.
I am making these comments after Dawn shared information with me about this
I did not see the story myself but I just want to encourge people to think
about our attitudes when we make comparisons.
We all have differing views on which disability would be the hardest to
adjust to and deal with in our lives. I am sure a deaf person would say that
it would be harder to be blind. I am sure that a blind person would say it
would be harder to be deaf.
I think that some people who use a wheelchair would think it would be easier
to be blind or deaf. The comparison between being blind and having no use of
your limbs is like comparing apples to oranges.
Colleen Roth

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