[Ohio-talk] White Cane Guy

David Cohen adcohen823 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 23:07:33 UTC 2014

Yesterday afternoon I walked to a shopping center/mall near my home in
Kettering for some bed sheets.  After making my purchase I decided to
check for a DVD title at another store inside the mall called Second &
Charles which is a used book, music and movie place.

I turned into the store and heard a woman’s voice and she said hello to me.

“Hi, Second & Charles” I asked raising my eyebrows to her for confirmation?

“Yes” she said, “You’ve got it.”

“Do you work here” I asked and she said no so I continued in the
direction of the main customer service counter not breaking stride.

>From behind me the woman who’d greeted me was giving me the audible
play-by-play less the crowd noise.

“Right, now left etc. and I turned to face her and smiled, mouthing
the words “I’m okay thanks.”  You gots to handle the public sometimes
with kid gloves as y’all probably know.

I continued en route and from behind me this woman called to me, “I
gotcha.  My ex-husband is a white cane guy.”

I laughed aloud and without turning held my left arm up with a thumb’s
up sign for her to hopefully see.

PC I can do without and all the euphamisms spoken to avoid  saying
blind… Well you know that old story.  But this white cane guy label I
can really get use to this.  I like it!  I can see it working for me…

“What’s your sign?  You act like a Virgo.”

“Nope, nope.  I’m a white cane guy.”

Single white cane guy seeking SWF must like dogs, fish frys, college
football and Braille literacy…

“Oh there’s a white cane guy at our office.  I know exactly what
you’re talking about.”

Text message: LOL! BTW the WCG I met LVM for Friday BYOB.

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