[Ohio-talk] The Weekly Report from the "Drive for 75" Campaign Committee

Smith, JW smithj at ohio.edu
Thu Dec 4 18:01:58 UTC 2014

Dear NFB of Ohio Family,

I am pleased to tell you that our Cincinnati friends are hard at work preparing for the month of January to launch successful fundraising efforts. Some of these efforts will include a significant restaurant donation campaign, a bowling tournament activity, as well as a three man basketball team tournament activity. The committee continues to discuss potential fundraising ideas and as soon as we have firm commitments and dates for these activities you will be alerted as to how you can help to make them a success by either myself or the appropriate committee members. I am continuing my efforts to try and land an additional committee member from the Toledo area and I have cleared my calendar with the exception of my annual Easter trip to Chicago so that I will focus on the appropriate city for that specific month e.g. Cincinnati in January, Dayton in February etc. I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving time and that you will have an even more enriching and fulfilling end of the year holiday time. Remember that we welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have relative to the success of this worthwhile campaign. I'm here to tell you that the Drive for 75 Campaign has left the barn and there's no stopping us now!


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