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Mon Dec 15 14:42:46 UTC 2014

I could not agree more. I have always figured that I could not in good conscience ask people to do anything that I was not willing, able, and observed to be doing. My example of his was when I found myself scrubbing the floor of the dish room at the National Center with Dr. Jernigan, and he mentioned that there was not a toilet in the Center that he had not personally scrubbed. This was in the days when we did not have a maintenance staff at the Center, and people who went for weekend meetings were expected to clean their rooms and remake their beds with clean sheets. The same goes at the state level. There are Braille and technical things that I cannot do, but I will find a way to carry my part of the load. Eric and Sherry I am sure work harder than I do at this stage of the game, but I keep trying as we all should.

Barbara Pierce
President Emerita
National Federation of the Blind of Ohio
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> Milena, great job!  I am a first-time buyer  and was convinced because
> of your enthusiasm.
> I want to make one additional comment.  I have been watching people
> who have posted and purchased candy.  Most of us who are active in the
> NFB of Ohio know the names of the officers and board members of this
> organization.  It is absolutely critical that board members and
> officers give more of their time, tallent and treasure to this
> organization.  If you want active participation of the membership, you
> must show real leadership by publicly sharing your efforts to
> encourage us.  Now that we have this list we watch what you do even
> more closely than we did in the past.  Please don't ask me to work any
> harder, give any more or support the efforts of the NFB of Ohio unless
> you are willing to do more than I do.  Leadership in an organization
> is an honor given to few but with that honor goes heavy
> responsibility.  If you want my vote the next time you run for a
> leadership position then share with me how hard you are working for
> this organization. Officers and board members, I am holding your feet
> to the fire.  I hope there will be other comments on this topic
> because we need to build this organization so we can do the work of
> the NFB in Ohio.
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> Marianne Denning, TVI, MA
> Teacher of students who are blind or visually impaired
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