[Ohio-talk] The Weekly Report From The "drive For 75" Campaign Committee

Smith, JW smithj at ohio.edu
Thu Dec 18 19:31:33 UTC 2014

Dear NFBO Family, Friends and Colleagues:

Although I got back from New York at about 1 last night I remain excited about our campaign development to this point.

We are yet generating idea's and I have know doubt that many of them will result in tangible and profitable outcomes for our campaign goals.

You should hear from Sheri Albers  about one of these efforts in the Cincinnati area very soon and that will probably be followed by a similar announcement from Mike Anderson in the Dayton area.

I would like any of you in this audience to join us in this effort as well by sending out a personal correspondence to your friends, family members and colleagues as I will be doing at the start of the New Year.

If you are interested in seeing the copy of the letter that I will be sending out to those that know me best, please don't hesitate to contact me at smithj at ohio.edu<mailto:smithj at ohio.edu> and request that I send it to you with the understanding that you will use it to formulate your own such letter seeking support for our campaign.

I am sorry to have to report that my recruiting activities have not been successful as of yet in the Toledo area in terms of getting another Committee participant to help Colleen Roth but as I told her in my team update earlier today, we will still be successful in that area I promise!

Finally, this is a very special time of year for me and I'm sure for most of you so I may write briefly one more time before the end of the year and I will definitely do so if I have significant campaign information for you but otherwise, I will be enjoying my family and friends and celebrating Christmas and taking advantage of some very necessary rest and relaxation.

I do want too wish each of you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a very prosperous New Year.

Our Committee will have a significant Conference call early in January and it is my hope that shourtly after that call I will be able to announce some campaign activities and will be able to seek your support both in supporting those events and helping us promote them as well in your specific area's of the state.

Once again, don't hesitate to contact me by calling my cell phone number wich is 740.707.5114 or by emailing me at smithj at ohio.edu<mailto:smithj at ohio.edu> if you have any questions, concerns or constructive input concerning our campaign goals.


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