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Hello membership,
I know we have a lot of  people on this list.
Our fund raising chair person called me and is getting discouraged.
She tells me we are stuck on a small number.
We can buy a 25.00 dollar e card let's build the federation.
The profit is great.
I am calling on all members to do just this and email the list are just wait
to she smiles are cries with the great news.
I put in a order and got a gift card join me and others.
I encourage  all chapter presidents and leaders of the NFB of Ohio to build
the federation.
You may be thinking about it but that gets the Ohio chapter nothing.
We need you and read the message below again. positive Payne
ps. I call on all leaders and those who want to be leaders.
That means chapter presidents and members of the board and divisions.
While we are a united group money brings us closer .
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Subject: [Ohio-talk] Schwans Cares Day 15 and Another Supporter

Dear Listers,


It's Day 15 of our Schwans Cares campaign to benefit the National Federation
of the Blind of Ohio (NFBO), and we have a new supporter.  Today thanks and
congratulations goes to Ashley Holcomb who placed a grocery order with
Schwans Cares.

Will you join Ashley?  Will you encourage others to join us in our
fundraising efforts?
Can I count on you to raise our tally, which now stands at $161?  I know I
can, because whenever we are presented with a challenge, such as the Schwans
Cares program, we have always come through, and I know you won't let the
NFBO down.


We need you to buy eGift cards at $25 as doing so, generates $10 or 40% for
the affiliate.  Grocery orders generate 20% and that's great, and buying an
eGift card generates more and costs you less.  For instance, an eGift card
sells for $25 and the affiliate gets $10 or 40 % from that transaction.  If
you place a grocery order, you would need to spend $50, which is twice as
much as an eGift card for the NFBO to get the same amount or $10 from that
transaction.  In other words, buying a eGift card costs you less, while the
NFBO receives the same amount ($10) if you were to place a grocery order.

Don't get me wrong, grocery orders are useful and necessary, but buying an
eGift card saves you money and generates more for the Federation at less
cost to you during this active period.  The active period has 30 days left,
and we need to encourage prospective supporters to buy eGift cards.


Schwans Cares program, explained. 
there are two components to the Schwans Cares fundraising program: 
First, there is the active period, which lasts 45 days.  During this time,
the affiliate will receive 20% of any groceries you order.  You can also buy
an eGift card, which is worth 40% to the affiliate.  For instance, if you
buy a $25 eGift card, the affiliate will get $10 from that transaction.
EGift cards can only be purchased online for $25 during the 45-day active
period, and only one to a customer per campaign. If you use your eGift card
to purchase products, the 20% amount of your order will not be included
because the initial 40% contribution was already made when you purchased
your eGift card.  In other words, eGift cards cannot be combined with any
other offer.

Second, there is an "annuity" period, which lasts 90 days.  During this
period, any order you place will benefit the affiliate by 5%.  That might
not sound like much, but every order makes a difference. 
The annuity period starts September 10 and lasts 90 days until December 10,
Unlike Malley's, which restricts the types of items you can order, Schwans
makes all its products available to you, and, at the same prices as
non-participating customers. 

Please note that you can order through the general campaign page, or just
like Malley's, you can create your own personal page where others can order
from you.  A Schwans driver will deliver your order to the specified
address. If you prefer to order by phone, please call 1-(855) 870-7208.  
Regardless of your favorite ordering mode, you need to specify our campaign
ID, which is 21538.  Use ID Number 21538 anytime you log in or call customer
service to place your order. .  
For customer service questions, business hours are from 9 to 6 Eastern time,
Monday through Friday.  To place a telephone order, business hours are from
8 AM to 11 PM Eastern time. 
If you have questions, please e-mail me or call (216) 939-0502. 
Once again, thank you Ashley for your support.

Now, let's go forward and make Schwans Cares an unforgettable campaign and
watch our tally grow!  
Support the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio and live the life you
want. Don't cook tonight. Pamper your taste buds with delicious Schwan's
Foods. Call 1-855-870-7208 or order online and cite Campaign ID 21538! 

Milena Zavoli

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