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Committee Appointments

December 10, 2015

            Committees are appointed by the president. The first name given
for each committee has been appointed as chairperson of that committee. It
will be noted if special circumstances exist within a committee. 


            Deaf-Blind Coordinators- Lisa Hall, Delcenia Brown, and Kaiti

            Awards Committee- Shelbi Hindel, Paul Dressell, Cheryl Fields,
Jerry Percell, Emily Pennington, Barbara Pierce, and Sheila Wilson 

            Constitution Committee- Shelbi Hindel, Deborah Kendrick, and
Colleen Roth

            Convention Arrangements- Sheri Albers

            Education Committee- Debbie Baker, Kyle Conley, Marianne
Denning, and Suzanne Turner 

            Financing the Movement Committee- Sherry Ruth (treasurer), Sheri
Albers (PAC), Deanna Lewis (SUN), and Barbara Pierce (Jernigan Fund)

            Fundraising Committee- Melina Zavoli, Aleeha Dudley, Shelbi
Hindel (NFB Scrip Ohio), Deanna Lewis, Annette Lutz, Richard Payne, and
Emily Pennington

            Legislative Committee- Barbara Pierce, Sheri Albers, Aleeha
Dudley, Deborah Kendrick, Annette Lutz, Walter Mitchell, Jordy Stringer, and
Suzanne Turner 

            Membership Committee- Co chairs Richard Payne and Rachel Kuntz,
Stephanie Claytor, Cheryl Fields, Cheryl Fischer, Macy McClain, Lilly
Pennington, Arley Ray, Gloria Robinson, and William H. Turner 

            Promotion and Publicity- Rachel Kuntz, Denver Jones, Barbara
Pierce, Jordy Stringer (social media), and Suzanne Turner 

            Resolutions Committee- Debbie Baker, Paul Dressell, Deborah
Kendrick, and Colleen Roth 

            Scholarship Committee- Deborah Kendrick, Cheryl Fields, Rachel
Kuntz, Barbara Pierce, and Bob Pierce 










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