[Ohio-talk] The real story about Bacon in the Capital City

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Capital Chapter really does want to build the Federation. The doughnuts we had at our meeting were purchased with gift cards that were purchased through NFB Scrip Ohio which is one of our fundraisers. Bob Evans lunch was also paid for with gift cards from the same program. There are many ways to build and support this organization and we are all doing it in a way that works for us. Annette is also planning to purchase pigs online. 


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Jordy Stringer actually bought the ticket for Beth Debus. I bought the one for Misty Hatcher. Shelbi and I have both purchased tickets online, and the Dr. will do so soon.

So not only do we have bacon lovers here, who want to support the Federation and win prizes, but some of us want to help others do it as well.
We bought pigs, and had donuts at the chapter meeting, and then the Dr., and I enjoyed some Broasted Chicken at Bob Evan’s.  Shelbi who has an aversion to chicken with skin and bones had a salad, but I must say that the Dr., and I highly recommend the Broasted Chicken. Have some bacon on the side if you will, but by all means try the Broasted Chicken as soon as you can.

The $5,000 that we have the chance to win could buy a whole lot of Broasted Chicken. So whether you by a paper ticket or an online ticket Let’s go build the Federation.

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