[Ohio-talk] Flying Pig BLT Station Conference Call Sunday April 24th 7:00PM

Sheri Albers salbers1 at twc.com
Thu May 5 01:19:18 UTC 2016

Sorry about the subject line, there is no conference call. I was in too much
of a hurry to get my thank you note out that I forgot to change the subject.



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Subject: RE: Flying Pig BLT Station Conference Call Sunday April 24th 7:00PM


Hello Fellow Federationists and our New Friends of the Federation,

"BLTs from the NFB!" "Mile 9, Mile 9. Whoop! Whoop!"

Does that sound familiar to anyone? LOL. As your proud Vice-president, BLT
Station Coordinator, NFB member and, most importantly, your friend, I would
like to thank all of you who participated in and made every piece possible
for the Flying Pig Marathon event on Sunday! It was a complete success. The
weather cooperated, the runners were happy to grab their Puffs and the whole
NFB Team got the job done. We had a great brunch at the Hitching Post to
rest our weary bones and backs. It was definitely an experience! Let me know
if you would to do it again.


Best Regards,

Sheri Albers

A. K. A. Flying Pig Sheri


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