[Ohio-talk] Seeking an individual in the Columbus area who may be willing to provide some tech assistance.

Jordy Stringer jordystringer83 at gmail.com
Mon May 9 04:50:05 UTC 2016

Salutations Federation family, I hope this message finds each of you well. I write to you seeking your assistance in finding some technical support for a person who has been turned away by each of the agencies that she has reached out to recently.
This particular person is becoming blind, uses an iPhone, and the Victor Stream, and is in need of some one on one tutoring. 
Anyone who might be able to offer me any assistance in finding some help for this potential new Federation and I would be most appreciative. Please feel free to write me off the list at,
jordystringer83 at gmail.com
Or call me directly at: 
And i'd be happy to discuss this in more detailed.
I appreciate it advance your response to this request.
Yours in the movement.

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