[Ohio-talk] voting machines

Shelbi Hindel shelbiah1 at gmail.com
Wed May 25 17:15:09 UTC 2016

I have not had any problems using the accessible voting machines in Franklin
county. I have voted at the Pole and at the Board of Elections. I have more
of a transportation issue with these two locations than the machines or the
workers. The Pole used to be very easy to get to by walking from my house
but was not readily accessible to folks with walking difficulties or in
wheelchairs. That is the reason for the move to a place that is not so
readily accessible by walking or city bus. Uber, Lyft or taxi are able to be
used but cost. Our paratransit system requires you to stay two hours and I
don't take that long to vote. I don't like the machines that we have because
they seem a bit slow and tedious but that is another issue. I am very happy
to be able to vote independently and privately so will work through the
tedium of the machine.  



Both of my parents work elections and have done so for years. They have the
nicest machines and say they know how to access them although that hasn't
ever been requested. I wonder if they really could do it. I say that just
because it is my very own parents that I am speaking of. I know they do
training each election, prior to the day. They are in Muskingum County. I do
not know how the process is handled in other counties.  




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