[Ohio-talk] New places and hiring drivers

Kaiti Shelton kaiti.shelton at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 21:04:32 UTC 2016

Hi all,

In a previous email I mentioned that I'm looking into an internship
for next school year in Chillicothe, Oh.  I have done some research
and have found that there is some public busing available in the city
of Chillicothe, and para-transit is available in the city as well as
to some parts of the surrounding area in the county.  However, in my
efforts to be extra prepared, I've been thinking about possible
solutions for cases such as this: I take the para-transit van to work,
do a few sessions, then take it again to a new site.  However, this
next site only has me there for 45 minutes before I need to be
somewhere else, but the para-transit has a rule I need to be off the
bus for an hour before taking another ride.

I've been thinking of trying to hire private drivers from the area who
could fill in the gaps where public and para-transit busing won't
serve me.  I am thinking of the possibility of reaching out to local
churches to see if any retirees or other people who aren't working
during the day would be able to drive me around a bit if needed.  Of
course, I would know my schedule ahead of time and would be able to
let them know in advance, and I would pay them for their time and gas.
I am open to using cab services as well (I don't believe this area has
Oober), but having someone who I work with directly and can schedule
pick up times with in advance would give me some additional piece of
mind, as I'll need reliable transportation no matter which internship
I take.

Any ideas about how this might work based on your past experiences, or
possible other solutions would be really appreciated.  I am trying to
be as resourceful as possible so that if/when I get an interview I can
have a concrete answer for this important logistic, but this is new to
me so I'd appreciate feedback from any more experienced travelers and
employees who might have hired their own drivers or managed
transportation between buildings n a work day.

Kaiti Shelton

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