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Oops-Sorry, Chris. I didn't see your message originally. I'm really not liking how mail on the iPhone is set up now. Anyway, I'll also keep that in mind. 

I should also note that I think transportation in the day should be pretty minimal. I have reached out to two students from school who have had this internship. One seemed unsure about transportation and how I would do the job, but the other was really wasn't phased by this as he told me he only usually worked in one or two sites a day and thought that would be doable for me. 

Kaiti Shelton

> On Oct 3, 2016, at 9:28 AM, Christopher Sabine, ONH Consulting via Ohio-Talk <ohio-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Kaiti. I've also looked into similar transportation options for hiring
> drivers and readers when I was doing my Practicum in Social Work at Wright
> State. Unfortunately, I found that many of the larger retirement communities
> I've dealt with won't post ads for drivers over concerns about liability
> issues. There was one case in particular when I was just looking for a job
> in social work after I got my Master's where I even offered to foot the bill
> for added insurance, meet with the organization's legal department, etc. to
> no avail. This latter situation involved a very large, fairly high profile
> retirement community in Cincinnati with a public broadcast radio station
> that could have feasibly aired an ad for a driver. 
> What I have found useful is research any agency that provides vocational
> services to mental health consumers and contact them, asking them about
> hiring one of their clients as a driver. This could be very beneficial for
> you and the driver, and the job and social interaction could be very
> therapeutic for the consumer. Since mental health consumers in vocational
> programs generally receive case management and work with BVR, your employees
> are pretty much pre-screened. The drivers could also receive job coaching
> and other employment supports to assist with the job if need be. I believe
> Chillicothe (Ross County) has a BVR office, but I'd start out by calling
> COVA (I think that's the agency in Columbus that serves Ross County.) and
> ask for the agency contact providing vocational services in Chillicothe. 
> I found my most reliable driver this way, and he is still a very good friend
> of mine to this day.
> Hope this helps.
> Chris
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> Hi all,
> In a previous email I mentioned that I'm looking into an internship for next
> school year in Chillicothe, Oh.  I have done some research and have found
> that there is some public busing available in the city of Chillicothe, and
> para-transit is available in the city as well as to some parts of the
> surrounding area in the county.  However, in my efforts to be extra
> prepared, I've been thinking about possible solutions for cases such as
> this: I take the para-transit van to work, do a few sessions, then take it
> again to a new site.  However, this next site only has me there for 45
> minutes before I need to be somewhere else, but the para-transit has a rule
> I need to be off the bus for an hour before taking another ride.
> I've been thinking of trying to hire private drivers from the area who could
> fill in the gaps where public and para-transit busing won't serve me.  I am
> thinking of the possibility of reaching out to local churches to see if any
> retirees or other people who aren't working during the day would be able to
> drive me around a bit if needed.  Of course, I would know my schedule ahead
> of time and would be able to let them know in advance, and I would pay them
> for their time and gas.
> I am open to using cab services as well (I don't believe this area has
> Oober), but having someone who I work with directly and can schedule pick up
> times with in advance would give me some additional piece of mind, as I'll
> need reliable transportation no matter which internship I take.
> Any ideas about how this might work based on your past experiences, or
> possible other solutions would be really appreciated.  I am trying to be as
> resourceful as possible so that if/when I get an interview I can have a
> concrete answer for this important logistic, but this is new to me so I'd
> appreciate feedback from any more experienced travelers and employees who
> might have hired their own drivers or managed transportation between
> buildings n a work day.
> --
> Kaiti Shelton
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