[Ohio-talk] Congratulations!!!!

Suzanne Turner smturner.234 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 22:50:58 UTC 2016



I would like to congratulate you if you are attending the 70th annual NFB of Ohio’s State Convention.  You have the potential to win a prize, which is quite exciting!  


I know that everyone loves to win prizes.  So, if everyone brings a door prize to the convention, then everyone will go home with one.  Please remember to reach out into the community for donations.  We have friends and family members who will participate, if we just ask.  If you do not ask, then you will not give them the pleasure and opportunity to donate.


The information below will provide instructions on how to submit door prizes.  I love shopping and gifts.  The more the merrier.  Group door prizes are exciting, but individual ones are even more thrilling.  Everyone call your local grocery store, bank, college, shopping area, friend and whomever else and get them to donate door prizes.  



As a reminder, all door prizes should be labeled in Braille and print.  They should be mailed, brought to the registration table or handed to me prior to the opening session: which will take place on Friday, November 11, 2016.  If you mail a door prize, a notification either by a call or email would be greatly appreciated.  My contact info is below.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call.  If I do not know the answer, I am willing to investigate on your behalf.


Thank you for all you do and continue to live the life you want!


Suzanne Turner

AD: 1700 E 13 Street, Apt 14S

Cleveland, OH 44114

TL: 216-990-6199  

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