[Ohio-talk] talking monitors anyone?

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Glad you gave her this information.  A phone number was given to her for the
Solace Meter which many of us use.  It is not easy to sometimes get strips
for talking meters.   Walgreen does not carry them at all.  Please be
careful about getting discontinued strips from another source.  Discontinued
strips may not give you the correct reading and I have been told that
someone expired from blood sugar problems because he was using discontinued
dated strips.
The meters can be adjusted for these out dated strips but be very careful in
using them.  There are businesses  out there that buy out dated strips and
will pay you for them. However, to my knowledge they will not purchase
strips for talking meters, but bootleggers can be found! This source was
given by Dr. Sandra Kimble, Nurse Practioner, Mongonery Co. Health
Department, Diabetic Division.

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You will probably get your best answers on our list for diabetics,
diabetes-talk, and Ohio has a list too, a1c-ohio. the urls to subscribe are:



At 04:50 PM 10/5/2016, you wrote:
>Is anyone using a talking blood glucose monitor that works well?  I am 
>inquiring for a 92 year old woman who can n o longer see the color on 
>her testing strip.

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