[Ohio-talk] Update on proposel letter to JCPenney and update on artwork

Owen McCafferty ojmccaf1963 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 28 21:15:39 UTC 2016

Hi this is Owen
I just want to update everyone on a couple things before the NFB State Convention, first I went to work today and my boss at JCPenney had told me that she sent the letter to coorporate and should hear from them in a couple weeks hopefully before Nov 11th! She did tell me that as far as gifts she could try to get a basket of "Saphora" products since they have one in the store where I work at and some JCPenney gift cards, Maybe we could use them for gift prizes??
Getting things ready for for my textural artwork display, I'll have about 10 20x14 pieces of artwork and I'll hopefully get the prices that I'm asking for the paintings! I do have a ride to and from the hotel that weekend, most likely I'll be there Friday 5pm I'm shooting for! I would like to get a conformation for the room, and who I'm staying with since I didn't make any reservation because I assumed from William that it was being taken care of but I'll try to bring $20 - $40 with me!! Also is there a secure place where I can leave my artwork in case I don't get a room? Please let me know! I'm looking forward on the weekend!!! If anyone wants to call me rather than emailing me my number is 440 724-1530! Thanks!

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