[Ohio-talk] FYI: Red Roof Contact Center Hiring Again

Wes Derby ufofanatic at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 18:43:26 UTC 2018

Good Afternoon.

I apologize if this has already been shared...And if you're
considering this, you may also want to take a look at the next email
I'm about to send.

I work for Red Roof Inn's contact center. For a while, no hiring has
been happening. However, the hiring freeze has been lifted, and all of
us on staff have received an email that the company is again hiring
for its Reservations department.

They're instructing applicants to drop off resumes at the call center
in Springfield, located at 1650 Upper Valley Pike. However, when I was
initially hired, I submitted my resume to my OOD counselor, who in
turn submitted it to Good Will/Easter Seals of Miami Valley as they do
the job coaching and such for blind and other disabled applicants.

I will warn that the company is still running JAWS 14 with IE9 for all
of its blind employees. Sighted staff are on Windows 10 and using
Chrome for all web-based apps. But, more on that in an email I'm
sending shortly.

If anyone has any questions, you can reach out to the contact center
at 937-327-6500 and press 1 for the front desk...Or, if interested,
perhaps reach out to your OOD counselor and see what the process is
for getting yourself set up.



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