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As I read all of the wonderful accounts displayed about the Columbus
Seminar.  I am compelled to say; that the opportunity to serve the blind of
Ohio and the Affiliate was not only great, but inspiring.  The first-timers
were just as eager to impact the movement of the federation.  I worked
alongside a Columbus member and he was quite an achiever.  I have no
reservations that he will be able to lead a team next year.  In addition to
that, one of my members; for the first time traveled independently away from
home to be apart of the Columbus Seminar.  I am so proud of her.  This
endeavor provided her with confidence and self-assurance.  She transformed
and progressed to say the least. I  was quite moved by her triumph.  
But, the most inspiring part of the Seminar was Representative Kent Smith.
He and I are former co-workers.  He was the communication director at the
Cleveland Sight Center.  He recognized me immediately.  So, I took the
liberty to gain a confirmation that he will attend the State Convention.  He
also  gladly agree to co-sponsor HB 303.  I felt honored that he remembered
me and wanted to join our cause without any hesitation.  Yes, he will highly
consider the Prescription Information accessibility Act as well. 

Lastly, Richard and Sherri has done a tremendous job in preparing us for the
Columbus Seminar.  Having the opportunity to fellowship with members across
the State was equally thrilling.  I finally met individuals who I have read
about, but never met.  Thank you both for your leadership and ensuring that
Ohio stays informed, encouraged and empowered.

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Dear NFB of Ohio Family, Friends, and Colleagues,

I write to tell you what a joy it was to be a part of the Columbus seminar
on April 9th and 10th. The dinner fellowship and the "gathering in" meeting
was excellent in every respect. President Payne and Vice President Albers
conducted the meeting flawlessly and the energy that I observed as our teams
visited the offices of our state representatives was commendable and
palpable. I must admit, as I walked back to the hotel after my last meeting
of seven for the day, I was a bit tired, but it was a "good" tired because I
thought it had been a productive and exhilarating day overall. I have said
this before, but it bears repeating one more time i.e., it is wonderful to
see the growth and maturity of our affiliate leaders and I am so excited to
be a part of this wonderful and productive organization. As I came home
yesterday, I thought to myself, "This is why I remain a part of this
movement and it is why we should continue our efforts in the state of Ohio."
I will leave you with the comments of one of the representatives with whom I
met as it relates to our service animal bill (HB 303). He said, "I do not
know what the problem is because this should have been done a long time ago
and the way it is presented here makes me want to make sure it gets done as
soon as possible." I could not have said it any better myself.


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