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Come and take part in this spectacular session by registering online for the 73rd State of Ohio Convention.






What is the touch? 

1Touch Project is the first comprehensive self-defense 

program designed specifically for 

people who are blind/VI and those people 

legally viewed as vulnerable members of 

society. The program teaches hands-on selfdefense 

techniques for dealing with assaults, 

aggressive behavior, and bullying . 1Touch 

focuses on real life situations with practical 

applications. 1Touch explores participants' 

hidden assumptions regarding their own 

disability by investigating their personal 

perceptions of their blindness, as well as the 

insecurities built upon that perception. 

Benefits of the 1Touch? 

Participants will gain the below benefits from 


• Willingness to Travel Independently 

• Increased Independence 

• Self-Confidence 

• Adjustment to Vision Loss 

• Communication Skills 

• Enthusiasm I Self-Worth 

• Spatial Orientation 

• Tactile Sensitivity 

• Social Interaction 

• Safety 


Presentations : 1Touch presentations 

are informative in nature and include oral 

presentations , poster sessions, and 

informational booths at conferences and 


Workshops: 1Touch hands-on workshops 

can range from 1.5 hours to an entire day. 

These workshops create the environment of 

open discussion , question and answer time, 

and a chance to experience the effectiveness 

of the techniques firsthand. 

Coaching Certification Course: 1Touch 

provides a 3-day intensive "train the trainers" 

course in order to reach the end users in their 

communities. The coaching course enables 

others to teach the 1Touch syllabus in their 

communities . A final exam must be 

successfully completed to earn a certification 

to maintain the standard of the program. 

If you are interested in one of the workshops 

listed above; for further information and 

pricing contact one of the following 

Jenica Cole: (951)795-8928 

Wilbert Turner:(216)212-4959 

Antonio Dobyne:(216)450-8791 


- \ Testimonials 

"I recently had the privilege and joy of 

participating in a 1Touch coaching 

certification course. Twelve Lighthouse 

staff and community members took part 

in a three day training which just blew 

my mind ...At the conclusion of the three 

day seminar, we all walked away more 

confident, alert and ready to give back to 

the blindness community in the most 

meaningful and best way possible ... as 

certified 1Touch coaches. If you are 

considering taking a workshop to feel 

more safe and confident out in the world , 

or if you are considering becoming a 

coach, don't hesitate! Just do it. This is 

one of the best things you can possibly 

do for yourself and for your community. 

(Lisamaria Martinez -Director of 

Community Service - San Francisco 


"The1TouchTM is a methodical and 

instructive way to teach individuals with 

visual impairments self-defense skills. 

Through 1TouchTM, they gain safety 

skills and confidence." 

--(Lauren J. Lieberman, Ph .D.) 

" As a Certified Orientation and Mobility 

Specialist [I believe] this course provides 

a hands-on experience that enables 

learners to take back their power! I've 

already recommended the 3-day 

certification course to blind rehab 

instructors and Veterans. Hopefully, the 

VA will sponsor training at other 

facilities!"- (Ella Hart VA National 

Program Consultant) 

- ' Who Can Participate? 

The self-defense systems are fully accessible 

to all and are designed for practicality. There 

are no age restrictions or physical strength 

requirements, and no prior experience in 

martial arts is necessary to participate. The 

class curriculum is adapted to the 

appropriate audiences. Everyone is welcome 

to participate , including people who are 

 Blind/Visually impaired 

 Blind and Blind 

 Mobility impaired 

 Multiple Disabilities 

 Children/Seniors 

 Professionals/Veterans 

Jenica Cole 

Phone number 



cole3119 at twc.com <mailto:cole3119 at twc.com>  

Cleveland 1Touch 

1Touch Project is a 501(c)(3) organization 

that provides ongoing self-development and 

rehabilitation courses through adapted selfdefense 

training specifically for people who 

are blind/visually impaired and members of 

society requiring physically adaptive 



. ACVREP Approved 

cole3119 at twc.com <mailto:cole3119 at twc.com>  

Cleveland 1 Touch



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