[Ohio-Talk] Ringing bells in Vegas

Eric Duffy peduffy63 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 12:58:17 UTC 2019

President Payne said he wants to hear more than the bells on slot machines raining in Vegas. He’s going to give me some of his money so I can play the machines, but he also wants to hear bells ringing in the Ohio delegation. If you have a bell to ring bring it. I will have some bells that we will later use for our Bell program. If you are a Bell volunteer you may keep the bell that I give you but it will be up to you to make sure it gets to Columbus for the bell program. If you get a bell and you are not a Bell volunteer, you must get it back to me before the end of convention. Think of the poor children who will not have a bell to ring during our program if you fail to get your bell back to me. Not everyone in the delegation will get Bells. We don’t have that many. It will be first come first serve.

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