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I have been an AIRA Explorer since January of 2017, soon after AIRA began
offering services. This is some exciting news!

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This year’s ACB National Conference and Convention and NFB National
Convention have come and gone in a blur. You know what they say: time flies
when you’re having fun.

We know that not everyone could attend the conventions, and some of you who
were there may have missed Suman Kanuganti’s keynote speeches, so we’ve
gone ahead and conveniently wrapped them all up in a single email for you.

Keep on reading to learn about the latest updates coming from the Aira
The Job-Seeker Program is Now Open to All!

Previously, the Job-Seeker Program was limited to subscribing Explorers.
The program is now available to all users, whether you pay for a
subscription or not. This marks another step forward in Aira playing its
part to break down the seemingly intractable barriers to finding employment
among the blind community.
Revisions to Aira’s Street-Crossing Policy

You may have already heard about this, but it’s worth mentioning again.
There is a change that’s coming this fall on how Explorers may interact
with Aira Agents when crossing the street. That’s right – you will witness
how Aira’s Street-Crossing Policy is evolving, at the request, and in favor
of, Explorers. This new policy will be flexible and available as an
additional option to your Aira experience.
Aira Awards Places in Back-to-School Program to All National NFB and ACB
Scholarship Finalists

To date, over 300 students, across more than 100 campuses, have
participated in the Back-to-School Program. Of those enrolled, over 92%
have successfully graduated from college. This year, all National NFB and
ACB Scholarship finalists won places in Aira’s Back-to-School Program,
which awards blind and low-vision students with a full nine months of
Aira’s services for the upcoming academic year.
Bose Partners with Aira to Enhance Audio AR Experiences

Bose is an industry leader in designing the form factors best-suited for
Audio AR. And Aira drives innovation in designing Audio AR experiences.
It’s a partnership that just makes sense. We’re proud to announce that Bose
is investing in Aira, and working with us to bring their world-class audio
technology to the next generation of Aira from factors. Today, you can use
a pair of Bose Frames with the Aira app on your smartphone – and this is
just the beginning.
Aira’s Continuing Commitment to the Senior Community

More than 35% of our users are aged 55 or older. Additionally,
approximately 50% of the tasks that our older community conducts with Aira
takes place at home. We’re proud to report that we have observed an
increase in mobility and independence among this community after adopting
Aira into their daily routines.
Use Aira For Free Every Day

Starting this fall, we will, for the first time, irrespective of the plan
that an Explorer is on, be offering everyone a Free Tier of service that
will allow “some” daily use of Aira for any task.

We will be rolling this out in phases. The first phase will be for all
active Explorers and Guests, whether you are on a paid plan, or using Aira
Access for free in countries Aira currently operates. The details on limits
of daily use will be disclosed during the rollout. However, to make sure
you are included in the earliest stages of the daily free use of Aira
service, we encourage you to create an account with Aira if you don’t
already have one and start using it today.

Please note that free daily service will not mean reduced quality – it
means more access to more Explorers and more Guests.
Fun Aira Facts and Figures

In the last year, the total time spent between Explorers and Aira Agents
tripled, hitting 3.5 million minutes, or 58,000 hours across half a million
tasks. We’re proud to say that we have answered 99.6% of all incoming

Beyond these global numbers, Aira also supported the layout and formatting
of over 1,000 presentations. We also handled 2,000 PDF-related tasks such
as digital signatures and exporting them. As part of our partnership with
Vispero, over 4,000 JAWS-related inquiries were addressed. Our agents
either requested or tracked over 15,000 rideshares. You may be surprised to
learn that our agents have described more than 1,400 titles in just this
last year, including Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. We’ve used our Aira
Live feature to create a community in this context – hosting virtual
description parties among Explorers who share common interests.

Transportation is key, as it encourages mobility, and it leads to increased
economic opportunities. So we’re proud to now provide Aira Access at more
than forty domestic and international airports. Explorers touched-down in
more than 100 different airports at least once in the last twelve months.
We also entered into an exciting partnership with Boston’s MBTA, where they
have introduced our pilot to enable Aira Access at all 138 commuter rail
stations, 145 subway stations, and all 8,000 bus stops in the greater
Boston area.
Call an Agent Today!

As you can see, there’s a lot to get excited about. Thank you for being a
part of the Aira Community. If you know anyone who can benefit from the
service, please invite them to join us. There’s never been a better time to
join the Aira Family, so get those referrals out there!

And remember, to make sure you’re included in the first phase of the Free
Tier we’re rolling out soon, start using your Aira account today! Use your
monthly plan, use free Aira Access, or activate your free 7-Day Trial – it
doesn’t matter how you use Aira, just make sure you use it!

Happy Exploring!

The Aira Team

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