[Ohio-talk] Letter H.B.188

Eric Duffy peduffy63 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 17:00:41 UTC 2019

Here is the letter I sent to each member of the Ohio House and senate.

We need you to contact your member of the house and let them know you want H.B.188to have a hearing.

Here is my letter:

Dear Representative: and Senator:

	If you did not celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, I hope you at least took time to reflect on your father and what he meant to you. My father died twenty-four years ago, but I think of him often, especially on Father’s Day.
	My two boys, whom I raised as a single father, were the only grand children my father never met. He really didn’t think I would have children, because I am blind. Obviously, he knew blindness wouldn’t stop me from creating children, but, like many of his generation, he didn’t believe that blind people could successfully raise children.
	This long-outdated belief in the lack of capacity of the blind is still destroying families today. That is why we need your help now. Help us pass H.B.188 immediately. Send a strong message to the blind and all citizens of the great State of Ohio letting them know that the blind of this state will no longer have their children removed from the home simply because a social worker or some other person in authority presumes that blind people should not raise children.
	We need your help now. Let the House leadership know that passing H.B.188 is important to you. In the Senate we need to have a companion bill introduced and get it passed as soon as possible.
	Representative Crawley will work with you in any way she can to help move this legislation forward. The National Federation of the Blind his prepared to do our part as well.
Please contact me by email or phone if I can provide additional information about H.B.188. I can be reached at 614-377-9877. I am counting on your support, and so are thousands of blind citizens around the state.


Eric Duffy,

Secretary, National Federation of the Blind of Ohio

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