[Ohio-talk] FW: Urgent Call to Action: HB 214 for accessible prescription label law

Mike Leiterman leitlaw at hotmail.com
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Please send me your testimony at Leitlaw at hotmail.com, so that I can make sure that it is filed correctly. Also please coordinate your efforts with me, so that I am informed as to what you are doing. Any questions concerning HB214 should be directed to me as Co-Legislative Chair, and as lead on this bill. In addition Rep Brown the bill sponsor and I have talked about how to approach both live and written testimony
 And I want to make sure as a group we are as effective as we can be.  Thank you for all your efforts in assisting the NFBO with making change.

Michael Leiterman
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Subject: [Ohio-talk] FW: Urgent Call to Action: HB 214 for accessible prescription label law

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Subject: Urgent Call to Action: HB 214 for accessible prescription label law


some of us will be in Columbus next week but this is a great way to help.
Please do what you can.


Dear Friends and Advocates,

Every once in a while we come across a chance to make a significant difference in the world with simply speaking our minds.  Today is that day!!

The Ohio House of Representatives Health Committee is seeking input from citizens regarding accessible prescription label legislation.  Please take a moment to write a short letter expressing your concerns and experience in this regard.  The hope is to give the committee a full understanding of the struggles and dangers  of managing medications with vision loss or print-impairment. 


Submitted testimonies will be reviewed by the committee on TUESDAY JUNE 25th!!!!!  So please send your email or make a phone call today!  Send a copy of your letter it to the House Health Committee, to your senator and legislator and finally to Eric Duffy of the Ohio NFB.  Eric will be at the capitol testifying in person and can present a copy of your testimony if it
has not been officially logged by the committee yet.   You can find ideas on
what to write in your testimony here:


*	Committee Chair, Representative Derek Merrin:
*	Find your legislators contact information here:
*	Eric Duffy, NFB of Ohio Legislative Committee:  peduffy63 at gmail.com
<mailto:peduffy63 at gmail.com> 


Full text of this bill can be found here:


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!  Thank you for your help in supporting HB 214 and state-wide access to accessible prescription labels!


Kind Regards,

Sharla Glass

Public Policy and Community Outreach Liaison

En-Vision America

825 4th Street W, Palmetto FL 34221

 <http://www.envisionamerica.com/> http://www.envisionamerica.com

Direct: 941-702-6602

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