[PABS] Minutes 4-3-16

Lizzy lizzym0827 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 00:49:10 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone!
Below and attached are tonight's meeting notes.  We must vote on 
them before they can become official minutes, for this one look 
out for spelling errors in people's names and I'll be sure to 
correct them :) I did the best I could phonetically.
I've also attached minutes for the last two meetings.

Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students
April 3rd 2016 Minutes
Present: Hindley (president), Lily (VP), Lizzy (secretary), Angel 
(member), Preston (member).
Meeting called to order:  7:35 pm
Secretary's Report: We're going to table the voting on minutes 
until our next meeting.  We must read the minutes for the last 
two meetings so that we can vote them in as official minutes.
Treasurer's Report: Nothing has changed for the treasurers 
report.  Everyone paid $5 to do the seminar, so the cost of the 
food was covered.  The seminar went very well, the people at TCNJ 
would love to have us back again!
List Serve:
PA affiliate President Jim antonacci has asked us not to use the 
NFB-NET list serve.  Lizzy will be in contact with Joe Drenth to 
get the yahoo groups email back up and running.
National Convention: Hindley going, Lily not going, Lizzy going, 
Jason not sure yet, Angel going, Preston not going.
Jason arrived at 7:53 pm
Students to check in with about National Convention: Katelyn 
Macintyre, Tariq, Yang Hep, Tom Brown, Juyang, Denis, Ryan, Lisa 
Hagrige, India Scott, Jessica Maneki.
Lily will contact: Ryan, Denis, Jooyong, Lacey Nikolson.
Jason will contact: Katelyn, Amanda Bailey.
Angel will contact: Lisa H and Tariq.
Lizzy will contact: Sylvia, Jessica, Yang Hep.
Hindley will contact: Tom Brown and India Scott.
At convention: PA will be selling jewelery and it would be lovely 
if everyone could sign-up for a shift.
The keystone chapter will be selling candy.
PABS voted to have a fundraiser at convention.
Let's all think of fundraisers that do not involve jewelery or 
Everyone who calls students should give an overview of 
convention, ask whether or not they need a roommate, PA funding 
and give an update about what PABS will be doing at convention 
(having a fundraiser and probably having a get together with the 
affiliate).  Be sure to ask if they have any fundraising ideas 
for convention and don't forget to let them know about the state 
convention scholarship due August 15th.
Next meeting April 17th; to check in about students and make 
official plans for our fundraiser.
Meeting Adjourned: 8:24 pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Lizzy Muhammad - PABS Secretary
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