[PABS] Minutes 2-28-16

Lizzy lizzym0827 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 17:45:18 UTC 2016

Hi All,
The minutes from Sunday night are pasted below! Please let me 
know if there are any mistakes and I will certainly correct them!

2-28-16 Minutes
Present: Hindley (president), Lily (vice-president), Lizzy 
(Secretary), Jason (treasurer), India (Board Member), Preston 
(member), Marta (member), Ryan (member).
Meeting called to order: 7:34 pm
Affirming Old Minutes: The last meeting's notes were affirmed and 
are now official minutes.
Treasurers Report: $522.41 in the account.
Student Seminar:
We are partnering with the student division of NJ (NJABS) to host 
a seminar in April! It will be held in Trenton at TCNJ (a college 
in Jersey).  There was a last minute call last week.  Hindley was 
the only PA person able to make it (which is totally fine), she 
spoke up about PABS' concerns (making this an interactive 
seminar).  The students from NJ agree.
Recap of the call: They came up with some general ideas for the 
seminar.  PA and NJ will be taking turns hosting the calls.  On 
march 6 at 7:00 pm there will be another planning call hosted by 
PA.  Hindley stressed the idea that it is a 50-50 collaborative 
India asked if we would be using this same conference line.
Hindley says that she is not sure yet, (it will be announced 
later), but it will definitely be next sunday at 7:00 pm.
Since we will be planning the seminar with NJ we will not talk 
about it without them present.
Lily said that our usual line will be occupied (by the PA board 
so Hindley will look into other options for hosting the call).
The meeting began to wrap up after about 15 minutes or so.  
Hindley knows that this was a short call and says that our next 
few will probably be very short.  Next month be prepared to talk 
about National Convention (if you're going, if you have 
fundraising ideas, if you want to go but do not have the funds 
Lily: Asked if we'll be doing a candy fundraiser at convention.
Hindley says that we'll talk about it next month.
Ryan reminds everyone about the national scholarship deadline of 
March 31, 2016.  He asked if any past scholarship winners would 
be willing to help out with the application process.  Lizzy, Lily 
and Jason (passed national scholarship winners) are more than 
willing to help anyone applying.
Hindley reminds everyone about the Pennsylvania State 
Scholarship, but was not sure when the deadline was so Lily will 
get that info and post it to Facebook.
Lizzy reminds everyone to subscribe to the PABS email list to 
receive minutes in the future.  She will post them on Facebook 
this month because it is a transition period.  By the end of this 
week she will make a "Whose on List", post to the PABS list 
Preston: Says that he will be subscribing this week.
Meeting Adjourned: 7:54 pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Lizzy Muhammad - PABS Secretary

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