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Hey Everyone!
Definitely try to read this before our meeting this Sunday at 
8:00 pm (it'll make things go so much faster).  Call in info 
coming soon!

Agenda for the Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students 
November 2016 Meeting
- Hello from the New President.
- Introductions from everyone on the call (name, class year, 
major or possible major, school and anything else that you'd like 
to share with the group).
- Getting Jason a cash box; setting up a Venmo account; setting 
up a paypal account (for preregistration next year), Jason has so 
graciously agreed to join the NABS fundraising committee.

- Silvia Bazanco has graciously offered to make a Twitter for our 
PABS group!
- January envelope stuffing: What dates might you be able to 
make? What dates can you absolutely not make?
Goals for Pabs in the next year:
- One short term and one long term goal from everyone.  They do 
not have to be in these areas but we really need new ideas for 
fundraising, outreach, membership retention, and social media 
- Creating a plan of action to get these goals rolling.
Keeping close relationship between NABS and PABS:
- Every month we'll switch the person who writes our entry for 
the NABS notes.
- We need people to join the NABS fundraising, membership, 
Legislation and communication committees (at least one for each 
committee but preferably more).
Useful Email Lists:
- Is everyone on the NABS list serve?
- Is everyone on the PABS list serve?
- Is everyone in our group text chat? It doesn't get crazy, just 
quick check-ins/reminders about meetings.  (Yes, I know that's 
not email but it fits in this category...)
- We must reach out to the students who were responsive to us in 
the past about Washington seminar and we must act fast!!!
Let them know about our incentives for joining PABS, let them 
know that it doesn't cost anything, let them know about the joys 
of Washington Seminar, reach out to them personally and be 
Volunteers can take 2 or 3 names of people to reach out to.
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