[PABS] Minutes from Tonight's call

Lizzy lizzym0827 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 00:16:41 UTC 2017

Hi All!
Here are our minutes!

Minutes for the Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students June 
25, 2017 Meeting
Call to order: 7:35 pm  EST.
Attendance: Lizzy Muhammad (president), Angel Ayala (secretary), 
Anna Walker (board member), Liliya Asodulina (member).
- Fundraiser: Raffle.
- We have the option of doing one giant raffle, two smaller 
raffle baskets or two baskets and a big ticket item.
So far we have: "Pennsylvania chocolates" (Hershey's and Gertrude 
Hawk); "Taste of Philadelphia" (Philadelphia TastyKakes, a small 
Liberty Bell paper weight, and a mug with something PA related 
written on it); we will also be raffling off a speaker.  We can 
either include the speaker with other items, combine all the 
items together in one big basket or raffle it separately.
- Discussion:
A big basket ($10) with everything in it: Less money coming in, 
everyone else's raffle cost the same amount.
2 baskets: Confusing; it's too much; but more likely to get 
people interested.
- Vote: Unanamously 2 baskets, 1 for $5 (Taste of Pennsylvania 
complete with Chocolates, mug and paper weight) and 1 for $10 
(speaker).  Sell one at the exhibit hall and one in the hall ways 
between sessions (speaker in exhibit hall).
- Drawing will occur before the banquet on Saturday and we will 
call the recipient to collect their basket; they will also be 
announced on our social media sites.
- PABS will be donating $20 to NABS as a door prize at the annual 
meeting! Which everyone should try their very best to attend, who 
knows a Pennsylvanian just might win it!
Meeting Adjourn: 8:02 pm EST.

Call-in info: 641:715:0700
Access Code: 616934

Yours in the movement,
Pennsylvania Association of Blind Students - president

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