[PACapitalChapter] today's meeting notes

Hillary McFadden hmcfadden920 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 17:01:33 UTC 2019

Hi all. Here are the meeting notes from today’s meeting. 
meeting notes 
Our meeting started March 16 2019. It started at 10 a. m. All who attended were Carleton Walker, Mark Pickens, Gerry Curylo, Hillary McFadden, Matt Shore and Carol Cruise. Matt Shore did the treasurer's report. Once again: due to difficulties, the presidential release was skipped. The secretary report was done by Hillary McFadden. 
Old business: still trying to find a location to hold a bell academy. 
Still trying to come up with fundraising ideas. 
New business: A new bill for promoting the blind was mentioned during a reception with Bob Casey and a few members of the nfb. 
Motion to adjourn was at 11 32 a. m.

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