[PACapitalChapter] Sharing Info, Be On Your Toes: Apple iCloud account Spam Alert

Brian Mackey bmackey88 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 15:00:03 UTC 2020

>From the desk of NFB of Pennsylvania President Lynn Heitz.

Received from Brian Mackey, Treasurer & Webmaster, NFB of Pennsylvania.


Greetings to all,


The following message was sent by NFB of New Jersey President Joe Ruffalo to
everyone subscribed to the NFBNJ listserv. He had received information from
Ann Marie Harris, a member in New Jersey's Seniors Division. We are sharing
that message to all on our affiliate listservs. Please read and share with


The message originally sent by Joe Ruffalo can be found after the ***.






The following information was received from Anne Marie Harris.

She thought worthy for me to share the following information.


Please share with others.






I wanted to share a fishing call I received just after our senior call this
morning. The call came through my house phone. It was a recorded message.
The message said they were calling from Apple to let me know about
compromise to my I Cloud account. There were prompts offered to speak to a
representative. I hung up and called the Apple support telephone number
listed below:



I spoke with someone from Apple. She said Apple will not call you. They also
will not email you. The only time you'd receive contact from Apple is if you
requested they do so. So many of us use Apple products I thought you would
want to share this with everyone.


Anne Marie


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